• "It's So Easy!"

    ~ Rena S.
       Monument, CO

1.) Claim Your House

Yarlow has an interface with a few Multiple Listing Services (MLS) that can provide housing details for us. Importing this information automatically makes it easy to add maintenance alerts that matter to you. Limit the amount of data entry and work required on your end.

If you cannot find your house in the Yarlow Home Search, choose "Can't Find House" and manually add it to your profile.

2.) Track Receipts

Add receipts, pictures and notes about work you had contracted on your house or work you have performed yourself. Why? If something went wrong, you know who should repair or replace it. Add warranty information and manuals and start decluttering your house.

Next time you are at the home improvement store and see light bulbs or filters on sale, no sweat! You can look up the information in Yarlow to see what type you need for your home.

3.) Add Appliances

Keeping track of your appliances can help automate warranty information, recall notices, service needs and more. Make Yarlow your one-stop-shop for all things related to your home!

4.) Get Realtor Sponsored
     Maintenance Alerts

Add your Realtor's custom Yarlow code to get suggestions from your home partner. Maintenance suggestions include inside and outside tasks that will improve your ownership experience. Did you know that it's best practice to drain your water heater once per year? Now you can get these quick tips as a push notification.

Don't have a realtor? That's ok! You can still get maintenance alerts and create your own.

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